Christmas Cards

Here are the Christmas cards I’ve created for 2016. I haven’t heard back from Hallmark as to whether they wish to include my photographic greetings as part of their stock, but I’m sure they will contact me soon.


All lives matter. So why single out black ones? Because racism defines our nation’s past and present. Sometimes blatant, other times subtle, racism is always there. If our nation had a soul, we would establish an annual “National Day of Repentance” and mourn what we’ve done to African-Americans since their enslavement beginning in 1619.  If we had a collective conscience, we’d work toward reparations, not only for black lives but for native-American nations we’ve systematically decimated.

natvity-rainbow-copyNativity Pride

Who knows if the strides made in recent years for LGBTQ persons will receive the protection of a new administration. Trump? Pence? Sessions? Bannon? Stay tuned. Be vigilant. I’m working on a rainbow pole for our front yard.

noplaceforrefugeesNo Country For Refugees

Wall or no wall? Fence or no fence? Internment camps? Will 11 million get deported or citizenship? Garrison Keillor recently mused that the tough talk of our President-elect about a southern wall might be reduced to a “line of orange highway cones” separating the U.S. and Mexico. I have yet to be convinced that immigrants and refugees—undocumented or otherwise—are a danger or a threat!

nativity-friendsGuardian Angels

OK, this one is really for my five grandkids. They’ve amassed the world’s largest collection of “Big Sparkly Eye” characters. Who’s to say these wild-haired dolls don’t resemble certain heavenly beings? They’re so dang cute!

If you live in or near Grand Rapids, MI, stop by and browse the bookshelves of Michigan’s newest Indie bookstore, Books & Mortar, owned by my good friends Chris & Jonathan. They offer these four Christmas cards and a ton of other seasonal gifts, goods, and books.

If you can’t get to the store, and want any of these Christmas cards, call or text me (616-828-2293). The 5×7 cards with envelopes are $4.00. I’ll mail them to you at no charge. I plan to give the profits of any sales to the American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU’s recent full-page ad in the New York Times suggests they plan to be busy during the next four years.



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