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Chain Man

I wrote a book: Jesus, a Life – Daily Reflections on the Gospel of Luke. It’s 400 pages, sprinkled with more than two dozen, black and white photographs. I’d be honored if you considered owning a copy! You can order it from Amazon or from my website.

Off and on, stopping and starting, hating and loving the process, it took ten years to complete. (John Grisham writes a novel in six months—one every year!) I wrote Jesus, a Life, in part, because I keep running into people who often quote the Bible as a ready explanation of what’s wrong with the world and suggest they—and only they—know what God is up to. If given the choice, I choose not to hang out with that crowd. (Does that make me a bad person?) I have a hunch that many people roll their eyes or look for the exit sign when they hear someone say with no small measure of certainty, “The Bible says . . .”

More to the point, I wrote these reflections to help readers see that the life Jesus lived was not only a compelling one, but the kind of life we are called to live if we desire to make this increasingly terrorized and combative world closer to the world God intends.

Here’s one of the 365 reflections. If it piques your interest enough to want to read more, or perhaps the entire book, you know where to find it.


Jesus asked the demon-infested man, “What’s your name?” He answered, “They call me Legion.” Everyone knew he had hordes of demons living in him. The demons begged Jesus not to send them back into the abyss. Luke 8:30-31

His name is Legion. We can be reasonably sure this isn’t the name his parents gave him. A legion was a division of five to six thousand Roman soldiers. That this man is inhabited by a swarm of demons, the number of which would stretch the storytelling talents of most sci-fi writers, attests to his powerlessness to combat them.

Though we may sympathize with his madness, making a connection to his demon world is no easy maneuver. However, the fleshing-out of his demons may bring us closer to his world than we care to admit or imagine.

He’s a slave to five thousand impulses, none of which he can control.

He’s a prisoner to five thousand urges, none of which he can direct.

He’s beholden to five thousand masters, none of whom he can please.

He’s a pawn of five thousand gods, none of whom he can satisfy.

He’s held to five thousand expectations, none of which he can meet.

He hears five thousand voices, none of which he can identify.

He’s a nail to five thousand hammers, none of which he can escape.

He sleeps in five thousand beds, none of which gives him rest.

With which of these demons do you identify?

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  1. Heidi Mann November 23, 2015 at 10:22 am #

    Pretty sure Grisham has a ghostwriter — or at least a ghost-coauthor. This book… this is ALL Dan! And for that, we are all the richer. (I keep urging him to write another, but perhaps another 10 years feels rather daunting….??)

  2. john swinerton November 25, 2015 at 7:49 pm #

    Dan. Your post card to announce interest in your book arrived in the same mail as the book from amazon. Have a great day.
    John and Nancy

  3. Maude Pauline Jones December 1, 2015 at 2:43 pm #

    Hi Pastor Dan,
    I received a post card from Jody announcing your new book.Congratulations, I will be ordering my copy real soon.I was a member at Ivanhoe Reformed Church.Jody is more than a pastor to me.She’s a very special person So my life.
    So happy for you both.
    Praising you for your accomplishments.