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MLK tomb_edited-1Photography by D. Plasman

Graveside. Martin. Tomb. Coretta. Luther. Scott. Preacher. King. Husband. Jr. Wife. Prophet. Atlanta. Children. Black. Sister. Brother. Somber. Beautiful. Dream.

Ferguson. Death. Michael. Brown. Eighteen. College. Hopeful. Dead. Body. Bleeding. Unarmed. Canfield. Drive. Lifeless. Face. Shot. Body. Riddled. Blood. Spilled. Tape. Crime Scene.

Police. Order. Disorder. Videos. CNN. Fox. Smart Phones. YouTube. Tweets. Bottles. Tear Gas. Marches. Signs. Protest. Unrest. America. Race. Separate. Segregated. Unequal.

Funeral. Dignitaries. Peace. Anger. Music. Message. Resurrection. Life. Change—One Day? Some Day? Ever?

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  1. Mike Holton August 25, 2014 at 2:56 pm #

    Well said. Will we ever love one another?

  2. Judy Atwater August 26, 2014 at 8:32 am #

    Thank you Daniel. I experience an absence of words when I read this poetry. Your photo and words create one visual for me. It reminded me of the Vietnam war memorial. I am also reminded of a powerful poster design that has one graphic. The word “racism” scratched in heavy charcoal. The letter “c” is an open, screaming or crying bloodied mouth. I just read a Rachel Held article in Sojourner’s offering the challenge to respond to systemic racism. This morning I am grateful that God is present in all of these words and images. A holy promise.