Ash Wednesday Prayer


Photography by D. Plasman

Holy God – whom I love but not with my whole being, whom I serve when it is to my advantage to obey, whom I follow if the way requires little of me, whom I call upon when all other options have played themselves out – be pleased a bit longer to endure the unreliability of my allegiance.

Smudge me this Ash Wednesday, but don’t expect more of me. LOL, you know me well, and I will hesitate to feed the hungry, especially those who hold up cardboard signs. And BTW, don’t call on me to visit any prisoners, justice put them there and justice will keep them there. FYI, it’s not my job to clothe the naked or welcome the stranger into my home. That may be what Jesus and the Hebrew prophets called some to do, but as I see it, that’s just TMI. Amen.




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One Comment

  1. RHolton March 5, 2014 at 11:38 am #

    Always….sadly…..on target.

    Thank you, Dan.