$6 Billion

Lido Beach, Sarasota, Florida

$6 billion is a lot of money.  It’s hard for me to imagine what this money could buy.  So I did some research and here’s what I discovered.

$6 billion invested in children of developing nations through World Vision’s child sponsorship program (www.worldvision.org) would yield impressive returns.  If you sponsor a child for $35 a month from birth to age eighteen, you will spend $7,560.  With $6 billion in your pocket, you could sponsor nearly 800,000 children.  Among other things, that money would guarantee each child an education, clothing, and medical care.

Since its founding in 1976, Habitat for Humanity (www.habitat.org) has constructed over 500,000 houses.  Habitat can build a house in a developing nation for about $3,000.  With $6 billion they could build another two million houses around the globe.

$6 billion invested with Aqua Clara (www.aquaclara.org), a nonprofit that makes portable water filtration systems in homes for about $35 a piece, would provide clean, safe drinking water for over 170,000,000 households in developing countries where disease-free water is not available.

Imagine much-needed projects or improvements in your town or city or state that would benefit the entire population.  Better roads?  Safer bridges?  Cleaner rivers and lakes?  Toxic dumps cleaned up?  More daycare centers or pre-school opportunities?  More community gardens?  More parks and green spaces?  More playgrounds?  New and improved public transit systems?  More police and firefighters?  It’s dizzying to imagine all the benefits that $6 billion could bring.  Maybe someday that will be the case – $6 billion dollars will appear and people will come together to do something lasting and good with it.

Until then, $6 billion is what it cost a candidate and an incumbent, their political parties, known and unknown contributors, multiple super PACs, and agenda-influencing billionaires to fund the 2012 presidential election.  That comes out to about $52 per vote; a little less than $1 for every human being on the planet.

We all know who won the election; knowing it cost $6 billion dollars, I’m just not sure who came out the winner.







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