Lettuce Worship God

What’s the point of a box of lettuce in front of a stained glass window?  I took this photograph at the Greenpoint Reformed Church (www.greenpointchurch.org) in Brooklyn, NY, when I was there with a group of high schoolers.  During our week we installed ceiling fans, did lots of landscaping, and helped with their massive food pantry and soup kitchen ministry.  The Reverends Ann Kansfield and Jennifer Aull co-pastor the congregation.  They are moms to two adorable children. 

What is the point of a box of lettuce in front of a stained glass window?  For me, it’s been the stimulus for occasional experiments conducted when life – especially the life of faith – gets too wordy, too verbose, too creedal.  Someone once suggested to me YouTube-ing our lives for a single day.  Though I immediately thought, “Isn’t this what the Kardashians do?” I was willing to listen.  This person had in mind setting out with a smart phone or video cam and recording how we live what we say we believe.  In this experiment, though, the volume is turned off.  No words.  No explanations.  Nothing verbal.

It makes for an interesting adventure.  Through actions alone how do we show our values?  Without words how do we demonstrate the things in which we strongly believe?  How does one put into flesh sentiments of the heart?  Behaviorally, how do we manifest compassion, justice or mercy?  How do we show forgiveness?  How do family members see love?  How do the hungry, the homeless, the lonely, the least, the lost and the last know that someone cares?

Saint Francis of Assisi was on to something when he said that we should tell the Good News at all times and, if necessary, use words.  Sometimes, a box of lettuce can do what words alone can’t. 

Lettuce worship God.

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  1. Lanfranco Sal May 22, 2012 at 6:04 am #

    Never thought blogging could be so fun and interesting. Man you know how to do it brother.